Own the Service Interval

Gripp helps service providers in the agricultural industry streamline service operations and increase customer satisfaction by providing the easiest way to connect with your customers & thier equipment.


Grow Service Revenue & Customer Satisfaction

With Gripp, service providers can enhance their communication with growers, ensuring seamless collaboration. Our platform also streamlines operations, making it easier to manage equipment and maintenance.

Increase in service touches
Customer connectivity
Eliminate "the call".

We've all been there, thinking we could sneak out a few more hours or miles of usage often gets taken too far and by the time something happens, it's a BIG PROBLEM. But what if your customers didn't have to worry about the right time to schedule maintenance anymore and you just knew it was time to check in? Gripp makes this possible.

Reduce Scheduling Fatique

Foresight into PM events reduces the last-min mayhem of scheduling technician crews.

Reduce Unnecessary Spending

Save money that would otherwise be wasted on unnecessary maintenance and overdue service.

Reduce Warranty Fraud

Equipment usage transparency enables clarity in warranty complaince.

Partner with your customers

Gripp offers service providers a comprehensive platform to enhance customer satisfaction, improve response times, and optimize resource allocation.

Customer Satisfaction

Exceed customer expectations by staying connected.

Response Times

Equipment-centric threads keep you in the conversation.

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