A Startup with Big Ambitions

Gripp creates mobile software to effectively scale agricultural operations. We aim to change the agricultural industry by empowering operations teams to be data informed.

We are developing technology & services to enable the scaling of agricultural operations.

From independent growers to national co-ops, Gripp is focused on providing the ultimate platform for connecting operations teams, keeping tabs on their equipment whereabouts, interactions, and bringing organization to their unique collection of operational knowledge & routines.

Why we started Gripp

Tracey and Jenkin are always looking for ways to improve things. Having both been experienced in the agriculture and construction scenes, the inefficiencies they observed were too ridiculous to ignore. Being careered technologists with a like-minded passion for innovation, they got together to build Gripp.


Meet the Grippers

Yup, we're just as surprised as you that no one's figured out how to get-a-Gripp on things yet. Don't worry, we've all been in and around the problems at hand, and we're on it.

Tracey Wiedmeyer
Co-Founder & CEO

Grew up on a farm and still working to get a Gripp on his own heavy machinery today.

Jenkin Lee
Co-Founder & Product

Managed residential construction and always tried to get a Gripp on the fleet.

Phil Boardman

A firm grasp of code, once tried to get a Gripp on his horses at his ranch in Iowa.

Noah Herman

A hobby farm kinda guy who just wants to get a Gripp on his bike.

Danny Sanchez

From cylinders to code, a former hydraulic tech now getting a Gripp on UI.

Vlad Filippov

Fluent in software, and now getting a Gripp on his solar panel hardware.

We're hiring!

We're thrilled you came looking for this section! Send us an email for consideration in our upcoming positions as we're about to open several roles across product, engineering, and design. Passionate folks only.

A unique partnership recipe designed for success

Gripp is the third startup to be launched from DIAL Ventures’ venture studio program, an innovation initiative launched by Purdue University in partnership with venture builder High Alpha Innovation, focused on launching ventures that solve challenges in the agri-food industry.


Questions, inquiries, anytime!

No, we won't leave you on read.

+1 (414) 786-1908

Give us a ring.

+1 (414) 786-1908
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